Tuli is more than jewelry. We are a gateway to empowerment. We believe that charitable efforts, while noble, do not provide a long-term solution to poverty. Instead, economic development and job growth are the key to eliminating poverty for good. Our mission at Tuli is to create steady, fair-waged jobs for our partner artisans in Uganda and Kenya.

 Every Tuli product directly impacts the East African women who made it.  Here's how your purchase helps:


We create jobs by bringing our partner artisans' craft of paper beaded jewelry to a global market.

Having a consistent source of income changes everything. Our partners in Uganda are able to meet their immediate needs.

As they continue to work with Tuli, our partners are able to put aside long-term savings and build a better future for themselves.


Tuli is all about long-term solutions. Rather than enacting temporary relief efforts, your purchase creates long-term jobs and steady incomes to break the cycle of poverty. Our partners in Uganda are empowered to create their own futures.

In Uganda, "tuli" means "we are." We believe in unity among people and collaborative solutions. When you wear a Tuli product, you are joining this community. You are an agent for change.

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