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As a Tuli ambassador, you can buy our products at a special discount to sell at parties, events, on campus, and more. This is completely optional: You can also be an ambassador without spending a dime by promoting and earning commission only through your affiliate link!

When you buy products up front, you'll earn a minimum of 50% commission. We've found that selling is a breeze once people can see the quality and beautiful design of our jewelry in person, and selling in person also helps you to tell the story of the life-changing work you're doing in East Africa.

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First, choose a package! We've compiled some of our best-sellers into packages of products starting as low as $150. We worked hard to keep the price low for you, because your success is our success! 

We'll send you a box full of gorgeous jewelry from East Africa, plus a DVD of the Tuli story, and cards with information about our cause and products. You'll also have access to our online lookbook so you can promote and sell products you don't have with you in person.

Our packages are priced at 50% or more below retail. Sell our products at retail price, keep the difference as your commission, and order more!

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Our product packages include some of our best-selling pieces at the lowest prices we can offer. If you want more, you can order from our entire line of products at 50% off retail price. Our minimum order for a la cart pieces is $350.

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Grab some snacks, grab your girls, pop in the Tuli DVD and share our mission with stylish, globally-minded people like you.

The simplest way to host a party is to use our order forms and collect payment yourself at your party. (See our ambassador tools for more information about collecting payments.) Afterward, tally your sales and decide how to place your order:

- If you sold less than $350, place orders through your affiliate link. You'll earn 20% commission on each sale. Yay!

- If you sold more than $350, place a bulk order with us. You'll earn a 50% commission on each sale. Double yay!

Why did we structure the program this way? Because we're looking out for you! We didn't want to be like other multilevel marketing companies where affiliates must buy thousands of dollars of inventory to start selling. It's important to us that our ambassadors don't have to spend any money to be a part of our movement.

Because some ambassadors told us they also wanted to buy upfront and sell in person, we wanted to make that happen! A deep, 50% discount only supports our artisans' pay when ambassadors place larger orderse, while our 20% commission works even on orders of a single product.

Our program is a bit more complicated than others, but it's also more flexible and allows you to change the world in whatever way makes the most sense for you. All ambassadors can choose the selling options that work best for them!

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Woohoo! Fill out the order below and our ambassador team will send you an invoice for your order. We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

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