tuli fair trade jewelry

Every purchase you make has an impact in Uganda. On each product page on our site, you'll see a description of what your individual purchase is able to do for the woman who made your product. Your item puts money directly into our partners' hands. 

But the impact doesn't stop there: by purchasing from Tuli, you're supporting our long-term mission to empower women to rise out of poverty. Your individual purchase contributes to the steady, long-term income that is needed for our partners to look beyond their immediate needs like food and shelter and toward long-term goals, like education and saving for the future. Only in this way are they able to truly escape poverty.

 We work with our partners in Uganda to set fair per-product wages, being careful to ensure that our wages are fair, that they constitute a living income, and that our partners don't have to work an unfair number of hours to make ends meet. 

Because we focus on an empowerment model, it's important to remember that we do not dictate what our partners do with their income. We've spent a lot of time getting to know these women, and we trust them to make the right decisions for their families. Our impact descriptions are mere guidelines to show how far the money from your purchase can go. So, an item that generates enough income to feed a family for a week might be put toward part of education or rent. Tuli believes that our role in development is job creation, not resource allocation. However, we also wish to be transparent with you, our customer, about the impact your purchases make. We believe this is the best way to demonstrate your purchasing power in Uganda.